Saluting Cyril

July 21, 2016

Cyril Banks, a 92-year-old veteran of D Day and the Artic Convoys, and a recipient of the Légion d’honneur spends his days collecting cash for the Not Forgotten Association.

It’s a tri-service charity that is close to his heart as it provides entertainment, leisure and recreation for the serving wounded, injured or sick and for ex-service men and women with disabilities.

So it was a particularly cruel blow when courageous Cyril was targeted by callous con men who cheated him out of his £9k life savings.

But help was soon at hand for the selfless old soldier. Friends, supporters and the public were swift to rally round.

They set up a crowd funding site, and within days, sympathetic contributors had not only restored Cyril’s savings but raised an extra £6,000 on top.

Typically, the generous veteran donated the extra money to his favourite charity.

Cyril, we salute you.

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