Vets with pets make transition a safer bet

December 23, 2016

The Bravehound project in Erskine is using dogs to help veterans overcome challenges they face after leaving the military.

It provides training dogs to those who’ve left the Services and helps them to train their pets.

It also offers support to veterans who already own a pet and encourages dog lovers, civilian and ex-military, to interact over their shared interest.

Those who attend the sessions learn new skills, get to meet others and as a result their transition into civilian life is made a little easier.

Army veteran Lee Aitchison and his dog Angus are regular visitors to the centre. Like many others, he recognizes the value that a pet can have when a bit of company is called for or when stress levels begin to climb and a safety valve is needed.

“Anyone who has had a dog can understand how big an impact they can have on you,” says Lee, who believes that the unconditional love and trust a dog owner receives from their dog “takes away stress massively”.

Thanks to a Libor funding cash boost in the Government’s autumn statement even more veterans will be able to join in the sessions, and the Bravehound project will be able to buy more equipment.

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