FAQs – The Covenant

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Covenant are provided below.

Understanding the Covenant

Please see About the Covenant for an introduction to the Covenant, and The Covenant in depth to read about the Covenant in more detail.

The Covenant does not apply to citizens, governments, and organisations of other countries, as the statement of the Covenant says it is ‘The People of the United Kingdom’ and ‘His Majesty’s Government’ with this obligation towards the UK Armed Forces. Members of the Armed Forces community experiencing difficulties when dealing with organisations in other countries should take this up through other routes. For example, the chain of command or one of the wider sources of support.

The Covenant does apply when British organisations provide goods or services to members of the Armed Forces community who are abroad.

No. The statement of the Covenant says it is for ‘All those who serve or have served in the Armed Forces of the Crown, and their Families’, and this does not include other countries’ Armed Forces (except this could include members of British Overseas Territory Forces, and their families).

Implementing the Covenant

Please see the Organisations page to access ideas for how different types of organisation can implement the Covenant.

Please see Sign the Covenant for full information on how to sign the Covenant.

Yes. The UK Government and Devolved Administrations work to implement the Covenant principles in policy development and decision making. The UK Government is statutorily required to present to Parliament a Covenant Annual Report each year. This covers their progress in delivering the Covenant across all four home nations of the UK.

The term ‘Armed Forces Champion’ is not defined in legislation, and is used slightly differently by different organisations. Other terms are also used, such as ‘Armed Forces Advocate’ or ‘Service Pupil Champion’. Broadly, it is an individual, or a team of individuals, who:

  • advocates for the Armed Forces community and the Covenant within their organisation,
  • co-ordinates their organisation’s internal and external activities relating to the Armed Forces and the Covenant, and/or
  • is the point of contact for members of the Armed Forces community who want to raise issues with someone in the organisation who will understand the unique circumstances of their Service life.


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