Sign the Covenant

Organisations may choose to sign a voluntary pledge in order to demonstrate their support for the Armed Forces community and for the principles of the Covenant. All organisations – public, private or voluntary, and small, medium or large – are welcome to sign the Covenant.

Picture shows National Grid signing the Armed Forces Covenant at the London Power Tunnels project
National Grid signs the Covenant at the London Power Tunnels project.

Begin the process

If you’re interested in signing the Covenant, in the first instance please contact your local Regional Employer Engagement Director. In the meantime, you can download the Covenant pledge template.

For further guidance about signing the Covenant, your pledge or the process, please see FAQs on signing the Covenant and the Employer Recognition Scheme. Or, e-mail

If you’re interested in a signing event, please email your local Regional Employer Engagement Director.

What you can pledge

Your Covenant pledge is yours to write. While all signatories pledge to uphold, and act in accordance with, the basic principles of the Covenant, organisations are free to tailor their specific pledges to suit their circumstances. In other words, you are free to specify – with as much or as little detail as you think necessary – how exactly you plan to support and uphold the Covenant. Specific pledges can be adapted to make them appropriate to your organisation.

For ideas and suggestions of pledges that you can include, please look through the example pledge bank.

Case study: Historical signing at the Horse Guards

Case study: St. Modwen signs Armed Forces Covenant

Image shows Minister for Defence People, Veterans and Service Families, Dr Andrew Murrison and John Lewis Chairman, Sharon White, signing the Armed Forces Covenant document.
John Lewis and Partners becomes the 10,000th signatory of the Covenant.

Who has signed the Covenant?

All 407 local authorities in mainland Great Britain and 4 Northern Ireland councils have pledged to uphold the Covenant. Thousands of other organisations have also signed the Covenant, including businesses and charities.

Employer Recognition Scheme

By signing the Armed Forces Covenant, an organisation demonstrates its commitment to support the Armed Forces community, and this provides the signatory with the opportunity to be recognised by the Employer Recognition Scheme award.

Terms and conditions

Full terms and conditions for signing the Covenant are available via the Sign the Armed Forces Covenant and make your pledge form.

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