Archery and air rifles getting transition on target

December 21, 2016

It’s no surprise that the issues that women in the military face when they make the transition from the Armed Forces to civilian life are no different to those that their male colleagues have to tackle.Yet women do not tend to access the same services on offer from Service charities as the men.

This is where charity Forward Assist Women’s Veterans group step in.


Not only are they providing a variety of sports and diversion activities, such as archery and air rifle target practice, they are also developing gender specific activities that other support groups and charities can use.

One of the issues that face both Servicemen and women is social isolation. Moving from a military environment with its own brand of banter to a more sensitive civilian setting can take some getting used to.

Finding a familiar environment to relax in and chat with like-minded ex-military who speak the same language and share the same experiences is a very welcome haven for many.

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