Brand new Warwickshire e-learning module: the Covenant Legal Duty as it applies to healthcare

July 8, 2024

A brand new e-learning module has been developed for NHS organisations and local authorities on the Armed Forces Covenant Legal Duty as it applies to healthcare. It was launched on Armed Forces Day, 29 June 2024.

The purpose is to assist individuals in senior roles within the NHS or public health departments of local authorities understand the Armed Forces Covenant Duty, the implications for their organisation in implementing the Duty, and how it can support the Armed Forces community.

The e-learning covers:

  • What the Armed Forces Covenant and Covenant Duty are
  • How to apply the Covenant Duty at an individual and organisational/corporate level
  • A range of scenarios exploring case studies to see if and how the Covenant Duty applies

This is the 3rd module on the Armed Forces Covenant produced by Warwickshire County Council, with funding support from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust. It is the first one, however, specifically focused on 1 of the 3 key areas subject to the Covenant Duty: healthcare, housing and education.

Dr. Shade Agboola, Director of Public Health at Warwickshire County Council said:

This e-learning resource is excellent. It really helps users understand what ‘due regard’ means and how it applies to healthcare organisations. This will enable them to deliver on the Covenant Duty and their support to the Armed Forces community.

I would encourage all organisations working within healthcare to take up the offer of a copy to use within their own organisation.

Cllr Wallace Redford, Chair of the Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire Armed Forces Covenant Partnership, said:

The Partnership recognises the sacrifices that members of the Armed Forces, and their families, make for all of us. This resource is an invaluable aid to our partners in health organisations to help them ensure that the Armed Forces community are not disadvantaged as a result of their Service.

The e-learning is available for anyone to do on the website of the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust here.

Organisations wishing to download the training for use on their own learning management platforms can request it from

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