How businesses are helping to deliver the Armed Forces Covenant

Many businesses offer support to the Armed Forces community. Here’s a useful summary of the businesses helping the Armed Forces community with mortgages, motor insurance, broadband, media packages and mobile phone contracts.


Since December 2016 members of the Armed Forces redeployed within the UK and abroad have been able to rent out their primary residence without facing higher costs or having to change their mortgage.

Previously, members of the Armed Forces who rented out their homes during deployment could have been required to change their residential mortgage to a buy-to-let mortgage, often incurring new charges. Under this new arrangement they will no longer have to do this. In total 46 banks and building societies have signed up to the scheme, and these are listed below.

Building societies involved in the scheme:
1. Bath
2. Buckinghamshire
3. Cambridge
4. Chorley
5. Coventry
6. Cumberland
7. Darlington
8. Ecology
9. Families
10. Hanley Economic
11. Holmesdale
12. Ipswich
13. Leeds
14. Loughborough
15. Mansfield
16. Melton Mowbray
17. Monmouthshire
18. Nationwide
19. Newbury
20. Newcastle
21. Nottingham
22. Penrith
23. Principality
24. Scottish
25. Skipton
26. Tipton & Coseley
27. West Brom
28. Yorkshire
Banks involved in the scheme:
1. Allied Irish Bank
2. Aldermore
3. Bank Of Ireland
4. Barclays
5. Charter Court Financial Services
6. Clydesdale & Yorkshire Bank Group
7. Danske Bank
8. Hampden &Co
10. Lloyds Banking Group (including Lloyds bank, Halifax and Bank of Scotland)
11. OneSavings Bank
12. RBS (including Natwest, Royal Bank of Scotland and Ulster Bank)
13. Reliance Bank
14. Sainsbury’s Bank
15. Santander UK
16. The co-operative Bank
17. TSB Bank
18. Virgin Money


Motor insurance

Since 25 June 2016, Armed Forces personnel posted overseas have been able to keep their motor insurance no claims bonus for up to three years, and not pay cancellation fees. This commitment has come from the UK biggest insurers and brokers who represent 86 per cent of Britain’s insurance market.

Previously, members of the Armed Forces deployed overseas could lose their motor insurance no claims discounts when they returned to the UK. This meant that experienced drivers, who hadn’t been involved in a road traffic accident, were paying the same high premiums as newly qualified drivers. In addition, service personnel also faced cancellation fees when posted overseas at short notice. As a result of this change, service personnel and their families will no longer face these additional costs and several providers extend this offer to their families too, but it is important to check any exclusions with insurance providers:  a full list of those who have signed up to the motor insurance offer, and what specifically they offer, can be found on the Association of British Insurers website.

Broadband and media packages

Since March 2017, Armed Forces personnel have no longer had to pay cancellation fees for their broadband and media packages when posted overseas, or to another part of the UK not covered by their provider. However, as a result of this change, service personnel will no longer be disadvantaged by the mobile nature of service life.

Companies which have signed up:

  • BT
  • Sky
  • EE
  • Plusnet
  • Talk Talk
  • Virgin Media

Mobile phone contracts

Since October 2015, armed forces families who are posted overseas have been able to suspend their UK mobile phone contracts until they return to the UK. This change extended existing commitments made to service personnel to their spouses and children.

Companies who have committed include:

  • Vodafone, who have committed to enable armed forces families to suspend mobile contracts for three years
  • Three, who have committed to suspend contracts of spouses joining their partners abroad for 12 months, and if deployed for more than 12 months a discount will be applied to any termination charges
  • EE, who have committed to enable armed forces families to suspend contracts for 12 months
  • O2, who have committed to develop proposals that build on existing arrangements to ensure that service personnel and their families are not penalised when living abroad
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