Rapid recovery

August 8, 2016

“The Not Forgotten Association is in the business of providing entertainment, leisure and recreation for injured, wounded or sick troops”, according to Rosie Thompson, their Head of Events.

Because, whether fighting back from physical injuries or dealing with PTSD, a significant stage of rehabilitation for any military personnel is learning how to have fun once again.

Brands Hatch provided part of that road to recovery for a group of injured service personnel when they were given the opportunity of a life time, racing around the famous track in supercars such as a McLaren and a Nissan G,  thanks to the Association.

The track day was a rare chance for the lucky group to get together with others in the same boat (or should that be in the same racing seat) and regain that sense of community and comradeship  that they had enjoyed when they were in uniform.

Lieutenant Corporal Jemma Haywood said “it makes you forget that you are injured.”

And Gary Robinson formerly of the Adjutant General Corp said “getting out of the house is pretty difficult, so days like this where I know people and I know it’s a safe environment mean a lot.”

The day was also an opportunity for the track owners to say thank you to the Armed Forces for all the sacrifices they have made on the country’s behalf.

The Not Forgotten Association organises events like this, for both veterans and serving personnel.

“It’s a very personal and unique charity in that we get to really know the people that we work with. It’s a pleasure to to give them something back for what they’ve been through” said Rosie Thompson.






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