Apply for Covenant funding

The Covenant Fund is a grant given by the government to projects that will benefit the armed forces and the community.

Projects range from building new nurseries in civilian areas where many armed forces families live, to funding military themed activities that increase understanding between military and civilian communities in the same area.

The Covenant Fund grants team have collated case studies on small and large grants that have been awarded by the team. These examples provide an insight into how the Covenant Fund works and how grants can be used for a variety of projects. Click on the link to find out more.

More information about the Covenant Fund and how to apply is found on GOV.UK.

Connect-Create: a covenant funded project 

Connect-Create is a year-long project which aims to encourage integration by connecting armed forces families, from RAF Shawbury and Ternhill Army barracks, with their local communities through shared interests and experiences, and to nurture public understanding of the issues affecting the armed forces community. Toddlers, children, young people and families come together to take part in inspirational workshops by experienced professional artists. The Connect-Create programme, which started in 2015, received funding from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund grant scheme.


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